Why Baobab for clients?

The impact of a poor agency on the sales process, is twofold costly in both time and in agency fees having a direct impact on annual sales strategies and post recession, it is even more important SME businesses get this partnership right. The trend across the UK is to give sales and business development roles to generalist recruiters to try and resource for.


Unlike most agencies, we are proactive in your candidate resourcing - we headhunt, build candidate pools of top player in their markets for when your roles become available perfectly match to your requirements.

Working for you

We act as an “in house” recruiter for your business, hand holding through resourcing, interview processes and the offering stages. With all new clients, we spend a half day within their sales force to see and feel the job to gain a real insight for the right match with candidate to role.

Single point of contact

You have one point of regular contact, so you're never passed from pillar to post and we can help with the preparation of person and job specs, so an important piece of information, however small, is never overlooked.

we help you - Key differentiators

We meet candidates

Always face to face interview candidates before a CV gets anywhere near your desk, ensuring they are as good a fit in person, as they are on paper.  Only ever submit a maximum of three CVs per vacancy, unless otherwise requested

Value for money

We use our advertising solutions to save clients money by advertising roles on the Internet, job boards, local media. This added value service also results in a reduction in the time and effort required to find the right candidates

Satisfaction assured

Occasionally things don't work out.
In the rare event that this happens, we will offer a full, free replacement rebate within three months.  This reduces your costs and level of risk in the recruitment process.