Yes - here comes the cheese… prepare yourselves!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Yes -  here comes the cheese… prepare yourselves!

 I am a very lucky woman…. Here is why! Every day I wake up excited with what my day holds.  

 I’m 32, (noooo... I hear you say! Yes)  I love my career choice and have found my forever job! (who can say that at this at my age and I am good at what I do which makes it easier.)  I have a real passion for putting people in jobs and being successful in it daily -  yes testimonials are available ;)  

These are not the words of a woman who dreads work everyday!

 I love helping people…Its natural for me to fight my clients and candidate corners. Its natural for me to love hitting my personal goals and financial achievements by doing what I love. Its natural to use the benefits of that to grow my business, develop myself and periodically go shopping or treat myself to the odd city break. Its reward for changing peoples lives daily.

Yes, these are all positives but they are not the key reasons I am lucky!!! (Don’t jump the gun readers!)

This is why I am lucky…… 

 I am not alone in this – I am inspired daily by woman who feel the same as me… yes, I am surrounded by my female friends, colleagues and family who drive themselves, challenge me continuously to better myself and a market place that keeps making me work harder to achieve what I need to achieve. (Good sales candidates are not as common place as one might assume!).

 Last weekend over a glass of wine, I had a realisation that made me smile! I had a friend from London come and stay and in true fun blonde style, we went out for lunch in the sun, had wine, seafood and shopped and the main topic of conversation the entire weekend – was our mutual love of sales and our work. 

She was waiting for her personal best high value order drop and even at 12pm between gin and tonics – she was found herself checking her phone more as “procurement loves to keep us waiting” and the order had been placed – we have all been there!

 She checked her phone strategically every half hour, and we all know it was more about the personal best than the order itself. Sales is a way to mark ourselves, to better our selves, to be the best we can be. Where we fail in our personal lives we overachieve in work to compensate. 

It was lovely to realise I am not stand alone.

I have another girlfriend who lives abroad and she constantly phones me just to tell me about a new client she has won or an order and I love it! It inspires me to continually push for a better me, a better supplier for my clients, a better consultant for my candidates but above all of that. It makes the day exciting! I can’t imagine a 37.5hr week of boredom in my life. Sometimes I work evenings and weekends and it doesn’t bother me because I am engaged, driven and excited by what I do.

 A whoop and hand throw when that email comes through, when a hand shake gives verbal agreement and the sheer sadness when something falls through that was never expected! Its bigger than that tennis match or football game, it involves us, it is the commission that is signed off and the reward of a big glass of wine on a Friday night to sat well  done. 

One of my biggest thrills is meeting candidates who love selling and I met one of them last week. Fire in his belly and drive to match. He was placed last week in his dream role and my client is super chuffed. 

The long and short of it - I love networking with other sales professionals - even if you aren't looking for a new role now that doesn't matter, get in touch, tell me what inspires you, what you love about sales and be part of a community that adores the rush of the sell. 

Everyone have a lovely weekend - I am off to enjoy the evening but tomorrow I will probably work a little  (cause when you love what you do - it stops being work!) 

Written by:
Jackie Coventry