The importance of finding a recruiter partner for the future even if you are not looking immediately…

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The importance of finding a recruiter partner for the future even if you are not looking immediately…

More and more people contact me on LinkedIn to open dialogue around what roles I am currently working, salary checks and what is happening within the SME South Coast market with local employers.

As a lifelong networker, SOP is to ask to meet for a coffee and an informal discreet chat – the interesting thing most of these contacts actively seeking this information are hesitant to, as their circumstances mean they are not immediately looking for a new position and don’t see a value in an immediate meeting or worse “waste my time” if they are not currently job hunting.

This low engagement culture created by many existing recruitment agencies in the UK marketplace starts with consultants who only engage with jobseekers when there is an immediate available position that needs filling on behalf of their clients and when it is of direct benefit to them means potential jobseekers don’t want to be seen.

Now don’t get me wrong, nothing is more attractive to a potential employer than stability on a CV within a sales role where you have consistently achieved or exceeded targets and out performed other members of a sales team (so please don’t go jumping out of roles with no forward plan or if you can get your current role to work for you!

 But if you find yourself in a position where you are not getting career progression, the challenge or the reward and no amount of negotiation or discussion with your existing employer to change that – imagine the benefits of some one who knows you personally, can fight your corner and engage potential hirers in advance that you are going to be looking for a smooth transition!

So here it is (and I say it waving my arms around!) I am actively looking to go against that culture and meet sales professionals locally even if you aren’t looking immediately for a chat or an informal discussion! My business is networking and I love doing just that!

The nature of sales people is to always be looking out for something more rewarding, more interesting and mostly (I do say mostly!) sales people are transient and move more than most professionals in an organisation. 

Based on that, at some stage you will need a recruiter to help you and if not - I am still a pretty nice person to just chat to over a coffee! I look at sales recruitment proactively rather than the normal reactive position; people take to finding a new position & making life choices should never be made reactively!  What if you had a lifetime career partner you could plot out your career plan with, a trusted, non-biased sounding board to what is going on in the market.

For a relaxed chat over a coffee or just a bit of a discussion about the right time to job hunt – give me a LinkedIn Message or an email.


Written by:
Jackie Coventry