Is there a need for the Specialist Sales Recruiter in the current marketplace?

Friday, February 9, 2018

Is there a need for the Specialist Sales Recruiter in the current marketplace?

At a recent recruitment conference, I was placed in a break out session with various niche and generalist recruiters and was asked the question on where in the recruitment strategy for companies Baobab as a specialist sales recruiter comes in … this is an easy response for me.   

Post recession, our UK economy (especially on the South Coast) is consistently growing. I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty the excitement and positivity when I see new companies starting around me and existing companies growing again. 

Through networking and my new business building, I am seeing decision makers around me testing the water with new exciting products (and revamping their existing propositions for the first time in years to take to market) and because of that I see companies growing their sales teams to do that!  – exciting times for them & exciting times for me!!

The hard bit - good sales people are tough to get! Its their marketplace to enjoy!

With this growth and demand for them, its their market place to chose the companies they want to work for.  Big names, the SMEs and the desire to go at it alone are stretching the experienced and competent sales people pool to the limit and in turn, convincing them to chose your brand when recruiting is harder than ever!

For me, recruiting in the sales arena is no longer about finding sales people, its about selling the client brand to win the best talent, finding the sales person who will give the biggest ROI in this time of growth and working with Sales Directors and Managing Directors on ensuring they get to hit and exceed their sales strategies through the year.

Partnering with the right sales recruiter will do 3 key things for you as the client:

1.  Improve Your Brand Recruitment Representation

When it comes to the decision, to have some one fighting your corner and brand knowing you are the leading company to work for could be the key to winning the highest calibre sales person.

2.  Understanding ROI of the sales staff before placement

Working with an experienced sales recruiter on where the ROI point of new staff is and managing expectations from interview stage on expectations ensures there are no surprises when new starters get to the point of probation.

3.  Ensuring you are meeting Sales Strategy

Choosing the wrong sales professional as I am sure so many have felt the pain and the direct impact of not hitting budgets and targets means you need the correct replacement quickly and some one who understands your business, processes and what happens under the hood.

I don’t think anyone understands the importance of the face of the brand and the impact of winning that business in a dynamic and growing market place like the person responsible for the ROI of the team they have under them.

So in short, I definitely feel the need for a specialist sales recruiters in the current marketplace when growing and replacing sales team members, if not more for the attraction of candidates but to help ensure that your brand is given the respect it deserves against the big players!

Written by:
Jackie Coventry