Insight for Candidates - Addresses on CVs

Whilst working on my behalf of my clients, I get a lot of applications for roles advertised on my website, LinkedIn, External websites and more and more regularly, candidates are sending CV's with no address or even towns or county locations. 

I understand the importance in this day and age to protect personal information and from a security point of view, no one wants people to have all their information at a drop of a hat available to complete strangers and because of that more and more candidates and jobseekers are leaving this information off. 

This can have a negative effect though, as more and more of the recruitment process is being automated especially within larger recruitment agencies /high street agencies and with more and more saas recruitment software available, even smaller recruiters are using processes for audit purposes, easy accounting and for candidate journey improvement - that information is essential to be considered for roles. 

Solution to this - my suggestion if you feel uneasy about giving all information - limit it by using a local places postcode of a town hall or use your address but with no house number. 

You don't have to give it all way - just ensure you are putting something on to not miss out on that opportunity!!!

Written by:
Jackie Coventry