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Insight for Candidates - Addresses on CVs

Just a bit of insight for candidates and jobseekers into the recruitment world... :)

Yes - here comes the cheese… prepare yourselves!
May 26, 2018

One of my biggest thrills is meeting candidates who love selling and I met one of them last week. Fire in his belly and drive to match. He was placed last week in his dream role and my client is super chuffed.

The importance of finding a recruiter partner for the future even if you are not looking immediately…
May 16, 2018

More and more people contact me around what roles I am currently working, salary checks and what is happening within the SME South Coast market with local employers.

Is there a need for the Specialist Sales Recruiter in the current marketplace?
February 9, 2018

We explore the need for specialist sales recruiters in the current marketplace when growing and replacing sales team members...

Is it still a necessity to meet candidates’ / job seekers face to face in modern day recruiting?
March 7, 2018

A discussion with a candidate has got me thinking. Is there still a value in meeting job seekers face-to-face before promoting them to clients or is this some outdated idea from the past...

£250 referral fee for excellent sales professional introductions
May 8, 2018

Baobab is a business being built on networking and referrals and our professional service reputation. We want to incetivise more referrals